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Huge Runs - Huge Fun!

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Indoor portions are divided by concrete so the dogs have their privacy at night. This way no one is poking at them through a fence when they are trying to sleep. The floors have in-floor radiant heat so they have toasty warm floors in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

The outdoor portions are under a roof so they are protected from the weather, it doesn't rain or snow in there. These outdoor portions are divided by chain link fence so the dogs get a chance to socialize between the fence line, yet be in their own protected area.

The indoor/outdoor combination runs are plenty large for two large family dogs together, but we never put strange pets together, so you don't have to worry about that. In these runs the dogs get free run in and out ALL DAY LONG and then are secured inside at night.

You are welcome to bring bed, toys and food. We also administor medications at no charge (No injections).

Doggy Daycare

Baths and Playtimes can be added to all regular boarding.

Plenty of Playtime

  Two 2 1/2 acre play parks for group play times.
15 acre walks
  4400 Square Ft. Indoor Play Arena  
Foofoo and cuddling



Kitty Condos

Deluxe kitty condos are plenty large for two family cats. Each condo has a 2 ft. x 2 ft. window with a southern exposure sunning ledge, so they get good sun on sunny days, and a wetland outside with birds to taunt them. These are $18.00 per day / second family cat $16.00 per day in shared kennel. The deluxe double suite is twice the size of the deluxe condo and has two of these windows and a ten foot tall-carpeted kitty tree with all the portholes to climb in. This is $24.00 per day / second family cat $22.00 per day in shared kennel.


Birds and Small Animals


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Long term and short term stays welcome.